Foforks, a Brazilian Twilight fansite, has gathered more details about Breaking Dawn filming in Brazil. Here's their article in English (translated by Google Translate, so it's a bit ify, but you can still get the idea. Unfortunately Edward, our fluent portuguese speaker, wasn't around, so...)

"The Foforks ran far behind more details about the coming of the actors and crew of 'Dawn' for Brazil and we got some very interesting and unique information super reliable sources.

The first and most bombastic is that Stephenie Meyer should come to Brazil, along with Rob and Kristen, to accompany the footage. Yes, she, the author, the creator of everything, must step in Brazilian soil as a producer on the film. YAY!

The second is that the information coming from Taylor, with 99.9% certainty, it is pure speculation, and Mackenzie Foy. Just Rob and Kristen, and Sebasti„o Lemos and VirgŁez Carolina should participate as actors of the recordings on national soil, which makes more sense.

Information from other sources realize that the equipment will be rented from filming in Sao Paulo and transported to the River is estimated that only with the rental of equipment will be spending approximately one million dollars. Helicopters were reserved for aerial filming and three different islands were surveyed for the filming.

Regarding LAPA as location, the information that we obtained, it is possibly one of the two potagonistas scene in a taxi on arrival at RJ because they need a busy place, with many people and strong illumination.

Paraty is even the HQ team and cast, which can be divided into two hotels to luxury. It can happen to wear one of the hotels as a location for scenes in the house of the Isle Esme. A security firm was hired to err ... give full security to the crew and actors during the entire stay and armored cars have already been reserved.

Kaure, the maid of the Isle Esme and the first person to realize that Bella was pregnant, must be interpreted by Carolina VirgŁez, Colombian naturalized Brazilian actress with several awards and nominations as best actress in several plays nationals.

There will be 4 and half days of filming.

Some people on the team must arrive before the actors to 'prepare the ground "and meet with service providers. On 3 / 11 there will probably be a meeting between these people so that each of the functions being transferred.

A Portuguese teacher should make the team.

About accommodation: The Globe reported recently that should stay at the Copacabana Palace, which hosts almost all the artists who go to Rio, as was the case of U2 and the Rolling Stones, but this hotel is very far - about 3 hours Car - the filming locations, however, helicopters are used for locomotion, in less than 30 minutes to arrive locations and this would confirm that the lodges would be used as a backdrop for the island home of Esme and interior scenes.

Another report from the Globe, just now, just for information: The total production and are responsible for Zoar filmagems in Brazil.

Just a warning: try to go to RJ see the actors or something like that is stupid. For all we know is virtually impossible to get close. There has been no confirmation of where the players really will stay. Also do not recommend anyone to go to the airport because the dates of arrival and departure, in addition to flights, can be changed at any time. Let's celebrate the filming in Brazil and see everything in the cinema screaming YES! WE CREU! roll when the scenes of the honeymoon, made with pride right here in our little land. It will be much more worthy."

Click here to read the original article in Portuguese.

Sincerely, Rosalie
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