What's Next for the Twilight Saga Cast?
I'm having a vision! I see...I see...very stuffed schedules. Yes, the Twilight saga cast is going to be very very busy for the next couple of years, and not just with Twilight....
Okay, I cheated a bit (okay, a lot): Hollywood News.com has made a list of all the new projects that most of the cast is slated to work on. Here's Rob, Kristen, and Taylor's schedules for starters...

Kristen Stewart:
K-11: Though this movie is receiving funding, it might not start filming this year between Kristen’s schedule and the loss of Nikki Reed (who is no longer a part of the picture).

Breaking Dawn: “Timing TBD”.

Despite only these two projects on the radar, we have no doubt that Kristen will have PLENTY of projects to keep her busy. In 2010 alone, she’s debuting “The Yellow Handkerchief” (technically debuted in 2008), “The Runaways”, “Welcome to the Rileys” and “Eclipse”.

Robert Pattinson
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Water for Elephants: Though this movie will film in 2010, it won’t hit theaters until 2011.

Unbound Captives: Though Rob is attached to this film, with his current schedule, the studio likely won’t be able to start filming until 2011, particularly if/when Breaking Dawn gets greenlit. However, Rob Pattinson and Hugh Jackman is a whole lotta pretty for one film!

Bel Ami: If you’re an RPattz fan, you’ve undoubtedly seen recent pictures and videos of Rob dressed in lovely Parisian garb. Again, though filming will be completed in 2010, this film is set to debut in 2011.

Taylor Lautner
Breaking Dawn: Timing TBD.

Abduction: This timing looks much more realistic – 2012 release.

Cancun: Not must to add to this film. It’s in development and Taylor Lautner is supposedly attached to the film, which is releasing in 2011.

Stretch Armstrong: Taylor Lautner will play Hasbros’ Superhero, Stretch Armstrong. There was a bit of controversy when Taylor took this part, as it came at the same time that he pulled out of playing the lead in Mattel’s “Max Steel”. This film is in pre-production and had a release date of 2012.

Click here to see more of the cast members' to-do lists.

I've got a couple of other cast related things, including this interview Idol Magazine had with Edi Gathegi:

And MTV has an article about how Xavier Samuel is going to be the next big hit in Hollywood. Click here to check it out.

Sincerely, Alice


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