Eclipse Trailer Breakdown and Reactions

Now that we've all seen the new Eclipse trailer a few dozen times, it's time to break it down. :)

Both Reelz Channel has an article studying the trailer shot by shot (with pictures).

MTV has one, two:

Shot 1: Establishing shot of the La Push/ Forks area. Ain't it pretty?

Shot 2: A dire-looking Jacob Black, walking toward the camera.

Shot 3: "Jacob," Bella asks, standing next to Edward. "What are you doing here?"

Shot 4: "I'm here to warn you," he responds.

Shot 5: A close-up of a pale-but-earnest Edward, ready to throw down with the wolf-man. "Just leave," he says. "Now."

Shot 6: "She has a right to know," Jacob responds, eliciting a look of concern from Bella and a simple "What?" that will soon open an entire Pandora's box of drama.

Shot 7: Welcome to the city! "We've been tracking this situation in Seattle for a while," Edward says over a shot of the metropolis, a very different sight for a "Twilight" film.

Shot 8: A person (who appears to be Riley) runs for his life down a dark alley and then is struck down by an unseen attacker. Edward continues to speak of "unexplained disappearances, killings" while Bella looks on in concern.

Shot 9: Have you been wondering what a David Slade-directed "Twilight" movie will look like? At this point in the trailer, our best glimpse yet begins. Ominous music plays over a dark scene as we see a burning car, bloodthirsty teens and a glimpse of apocalyptic chaos that feels like it belongs in a zombie movie or something.

Shot 10: "Somebody is creating an army," Carlisle explains. Gee, who could that be?

Shot 11: "An army of vampires?" Bella responds.

Shot 12: We see the army of "newborns" marching into town and galvanizing their forces. They may be bloodsucking maniacs, but you have to admit: They're very well-organized.

Shot 13: Alice warns Bella: "They're coming here."

Shot 14: Carlisle speaks with Jacob (isn't it weird when two actors who've been in two movies together finally appear onscreen for the first time?) and says, "This is going to be an ugly fight, with lives lost." On behalf of his Quileute brothers and sisters, Jacob responds: "We're in."

Click here to read the rest.

Fear Net has a list of 8 things they loved about the trailer. Click here to check it out.

And let's not forget trailer stills! Twilighters Anonymous has a nice big gallery of Eclipse trailer stills, which you can check out here.

And also we've got have to see some fan reactions! The Twilight Lexicon asked for fans to send in videos of their first time reactions to the trailer (they're still accepting videos right now, so if you have one go ahead and send it in). Here's a couple of the videos, which are the reactions of the Hillywood show and an adorable two year old:

So...who wants to watch it again, now? :)

Sincerely, Alice


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