Eclipse Reshoots: Mandy's Got the Details
We reported a while back that some reshoots were going to be done for the Eclipse movie. Well, they're happening. Malicious Mandy up in Vancouver has been going to the sets and posting pictures and more!

"Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner started at 5am and wrapped at just after 9pm.
Kristen Stewart left first, Taylor shortly after.
It was a long day and it didn't go as scheduled.
It is not a studio they used before for either New Moon or Eclipse.
Though Robert Pattinson was on set today he did not
film as scheduled.
Instead he was seen in the late afternoon at a bar on Commercial drive with good friend Sam Bradley having a bite to eat and a few beers.
Everyone found this fishy... me too... he isn't even "groomed" yet.... and he's been in Vancouver a full 24 hours... Hmmmm.....
They are scheduled to be in studio again tomorrow with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner though films don't always stick to schedules as we have learned."

Click here to see her report of the first day of re-filming, click here to see her report of day two, and click here to read her report of day 3.

Love always, Bella


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