Premiere Details: Let's Go Camping!

For those of you who want to camp out in LA for the Eclipse premiere, things are going to be different this year. As most of you know, the Eclipse premiere will be taking place during the LA Film Festival, which is not as open to the public as previous Twilight Saga movie premieres. So things are going to be a bit more strict. Here's the official announcement regarding camping out for the premiere:

"Fans can start camping to see the event of the year THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE red carpet premiere on Monday, June 21 at 6am PT. LA Live is not public property, and will not allow camping before that date/time. You also can not camp on the streets around LA Live( as per the LAPD!)."

And here's a little more information from the Twilight Lexicon:

"It is our understanding that there will be a strict wristband or similar system pegged to time of arrival. There is no saving of spots a la Comic Con style. So, if you want a spot, get there, cooperate with local authorities, and hope for the best."

Yes, very different from the last two years, but at least their still letting fans have their camping trips.

Sincerely, Alice


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