Kim Meraz Talks Being Married to a Werewolf
Okay, so while I was bummed when I found out that Alex was married (in other words, not single), I still thought this was a great interview. While at an Australian convention, The Meraz Effect interviewed Kim Meraz, wife of Alex Meraz:

"During my interview with Kim, it became obvious that she is the back bone to Alex's life, working behind-the-scenes in corporate finance, as well as giving truly dedicated wifely support. Kim laughs when I quote that behind every great man, is a great woman, "I love that saying," she says as I explain how relevant that is for Alex and herself.

As professional as the couple are, Kim explains that they must balance the dynamics of work and private life. The couple rarely have a large break from Alex's now-busy schedule, which makes them appreciate and utilize the
precious time they get to spend together as a family. Together, with their 2 year old son, Somak, the Meraz family prefer a quiet time at home to doing anything else. Kim describes the treasured time they get to spend together bathing Somak and reading him a bedtime story. Kim chuckles and tells me that when Alex is around, he becomes the apple of Somak's eye, and that she quickly turns into little more than chop liver.

In the balancing of these dynamics, Kim shares the stable relationship that she and her husband share. The best way to describe the bond is a mutual partnership of respect and love. Their love story is cute to say the least. The couple met one night-out-on-the-town, and it was only by chance that Alex was back in Arizona and, after initially deciding not to go out; they both separately ended up going. "Fate," as Kim describes it. When I asked about her unique tattoo wedding bands, she giggled and couldn't help but tell me the story about when they got them. "It was actually Alex's idea to have the tattoo rings," she said. "He thought I was chickening out when I went to the restroom, like I was going to bail, by escaping through the bathroom windows or something. When I did get the tattoo, he thought I was overreacting, so when he got his he was wincing in agony."

Onto the topic of Twilight, it is well known that Alex was introduced to the franchise by his wife. But how did Kim get involved? "It was through a friend," Kim says, "who was a member in Stephanie Meyer's ward. I loved the series because it's a brand new take of vampires and wolves as shapeshifters- a new take that hasn't been done before." For all those Team Wolfpackers, you will be glad to hear that Kim prefers the wolves."

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Speaking of which, I thought this was so sweet--while Alex Meraz was in Peru filming, he gave one fan what must have been her best birthday ever.

Love always, Bella


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