What Real Life Edward Cullens Have to Say About Twilight
This is awesome: Movie Fone went on the hunt to find people with the name Edward Cullen and asked them what they think about Twilight:

"As 'Twilight' fans have long known, Edward Cullen is the sexy (if not a little pasty) hero of the mega-movie franchise based on Stephenie Meyer's book series. Pale, strong, devoted and ready to save the moody Bella at any given second, Edward is a god -- or rather, a vampire -- among men who's awesomeness is matched only by 'Twilight''s resident werewolf, Jacob.

Since 'Twilight' made its debut in 2008, the movie's stars have themselves achieved cult status. Taylor Lautner scored a Rolling Stone cover and Kristen
Stewart's pouty pics have become all the more frequent in celebrity rags. But it's fluffy-haired Robert Pattinson who leads the pack as the vampire heartthrob, garnering increasing numbers of lovelorn fans as he practically inhabits the ageless Edward, complete with inner torture, unwavering commitment, a cool, rock-star demeanor and alluring deep thoughts; Pattinson's portrayal is now synonymous with the fictional Edward Cullen.

It may come as a shock for some fans, but not every Edward Cullen can kill with his teeth, fly without a plane ticket or create such a fabulous coif. There's a whole pack of real-life guys who share the character's name -- and manage their parallel reputations. As the saga's third installment, 'Eclipse,' nears release (the film is set to arrive June 30), Moviefone looked to a handful of real Edward Cullens (via e-mail) to see what it's like to be a mere mortal with a world-famous vampire's name."

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Sincerely, Alice


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