Here's batch number...oh, I've lost count. But anyway, here's more Eclipse press junket interviews...

Clevver TV interviewed Robert Pattinson:

So did MTV:

And MTV also interviewed Kristen Stewart:

Kristen Stewart talked to MTV UK about Bella and Jacob's kiss (without the punching):

"Bella gets to a point where the only way to save him is to kiss him, and what surprises her is she's not only able to do it…"

She continued: "She can clearly see that he offers a really desirable path that [wasn't there] before, because she was so obsessed with Edward. She just had to like nothing else. She had no perspective, and so it's a moment."

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David Slade talked about decapitations and the one thing they had to cut out of Eclipse in order to keep the movie from being rated R during his interview with FearNet:

Was there a discernable transition making the jump from your earlier, R-rated genre work to the Twilight franchise?
It wasn’t that hard. We have like six decapitations in Eclipse! We smash people’s heads off, bite people’s heads off, I mean — I was amazed we got the rating we did, the MPAA only threw back one thing: we had this one part in the battle where Emmett just tears someone’s face off. The face kind of breaks off into pieces of crystal that shatter. I was like, ‘Whoa, yeah!’ But the MPAA said ‘No, you can’t do that.’ So the shot’s still in there, but you don’t see the face come off, you just see little bits of stuff breaking off.

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Elizabeth Reaser told Entertainment Weekly her top 5 filming moments from Eclipse.

“I like all the stuff in the house. They re-created the house we shot in back in Portland. I mean, they built the entire house. It was amazing. Every detail was exactly the same. So I really liked those scenes where we were all sitting around, trying to make decisions, and being a family. It’s what you want a family to be, and that’s part of what appeals to me about these books and characters. They’ve chosen their family and chosen to be together — none of us are actually related. So there’s something about all of us being together that’s so nice.”

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SELF Magazine interviewed Bryce Dallas Howard...

friend formula
“Understanding that those dearest to me show and accept love differently is key. For example, I’m not a big letter writer, but my best friend is, so to show her that I care, I write to her. Recently, she revealed she’s kept every letter I’ve written to her since we were 15!”

style changers
“I wear more of my clothes! My nice things used to stay in the closet because I was afraid to ruin them. A stylist friend taught me that it’s important to get “dressed!”

workout plan
“Everyone got fit for Eclipse, but maintaining was the challenge! I created a fitness club with five friends. We have weekly check-ins and a reward system. I don’t want to let them down, so success is much more likely. And fun!”

happiness requirements
“1. Ordering in and hunkering down with my husband to watch Spartacus on TV
2. Hanging and talking about nothing and everything with my best friend and sister”

Beauty secrets
“I dry-brush my skin before showering. It’s exfoliating. And Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a fantastic lip balm.”

food choices
“I was a vegan until I developed a condition that makes meat’s amino acids critical to my health. The transition was emotional, but I’m grateful that I can still appreciate where food comes from.”

killer cool
“I’m a “Twi-hard”; I read all the books. Victoria is bloodthirsty and a grieving widow. So she was fun to play!”

And Clevver TV interviewed Tyson Houseman:

Sincerely, Alice

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