Interviews with David Slade and Jodelle Ferland
Here's two more interviews: Vampires & Slayers had an audio interview with David Slade! Click here to check it out!

And Dream Magazine interviewed Jodelle Ferland!

"With all the hype about Eclipse, do you think new doors will be open for you in the acting world?
I donít think itís possible for somebody to be in a movie as big as ECLIPSE and not have their career change. There are definitely more doors opening for me. TWILIGHT is a name that pretty much the whole world recognizes, and itís basically the best possible thing to have on the top of my resume. Not that I didnít have
anything good on it before, but something about THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE just looks impressive.

What was it like working with Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Robert Pattinson?
Amazing! It was so much fun. You never know whether celebrities are going to be really nice or complete snobs (but most of them are nice) so itís always reassuring to know that they havenít let their fame get to their heads. I was a little nervous meeting them, but once I got to know everybody, that wore off, and I didnít really think of them as celebrities anymore. I really enjoyed being able to meet and spend time with the whole ECLIPSE cast. Iíve actually worked with Kristen before, on THE MESSENGERS, but that was before the whole Twilight/Bella thing happened. It was great to work with her again. Itís too bad Iím not in BREAKING DAWN! But Iím not complaining. The fact that I got to be in ECLIPSE is amazing.

Have you read the TWILIGHT SAGA books before you found out about ECLIPSE?
I think I was just finishing the BREAKING DAWN book when I got called for the Bree audition. I loved the series, it was absolutely fantastic. Iím a total bookworm, and I just canít put a book down once I start reading it. Especially a good book. So I didnít get much sleep while I was reading the TWILIGHT series. I can honestly read until 5 oíclock in the morning if Iím really into the book. Probably later, if I wasnít afraid that Iíd fall asleep while eating breakfast."

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