There's a new press conference interview with David Slade, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg!

Q: Do you have any special features or extras planned for the DVD?

David: There were a number of scenes which just felt excessive, in terms of beating the same story, but some of them were really nice.

Wyck: There was a great scene with Angela (Christian Serratos) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) that is really just two girls talking about guy troubles. Itís really, really sweet, but it took place in a section of the movie that we really had to cut.

David: What happens is that the film has its own momentum from the script. When you start going, by the time you hit the third act, youíre just blasting along, and that scene just came to a stop. But, itís a beautiful scene thatís beautifully performed, and itíll be a nice little bonus for fans of the book.

Wyck: I think thereís going to be a lot of classic behind-the-scenes stuff, where youíre going to get to see how we did most of the action and stunts in the movie, and a lot of the CG process. That stuff will flesh out the experience for audiences that do like to go behind the camera and see how itís all done.

Melissa: Itís interesting, when I did the first Twilight movie, I actually wrote it before it was cast. I was writing in a vacuum, and it actually had a lot of humor in it. And then, we realized, as we got it on actors, that it just wasnít appropriate. But, now the actors are more comfortable with it and I think the story lends itself to that. Wyck actually came up with the best line in the movie, ďDoes he own a shirt?Ē Thereís a confidence level in the storytelling now.

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Speaking of Melissa, she is running a new contest on her Facebook page!

"We've crossed over 10,000 fans! You are all so amazing, and to express my gratitude, I want to start a little contest. If you can all recruit your friends and we get to 20,000 fans by the time the film opens on June 30, I will send three people a signed copy of the script for either TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, or ECLIPSE.
So get all your friends involved - only nine more days to go!"

Anyway, back to interviews--MTV interviewed Taylor Lautner:

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And Fandango interviewed Ashley Greene! Click here to read it.

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