Here's the e-mail we received from Dockers:

"Dockers® celebrated the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day with the Khakis Make the Man event at The Ainsworth in New York City to benefit Habitat for Humanity June 17. Twilight’s Peter Facinelli was the celeb host who kicked off the star-studded event with Joel Madden, lead singer for Good Charlotte, joining as the guest celeb DJ.

Now through Monday, June 28, Facinelli-autographed Dockers® Khakis will be auctioned off at

All proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity.

Facinelli’s auctioned item includes:

Twilight- inspired Dockers® cropped khaki signed by Peter Facinelli
Size: 34 (waist)
Color: Khaki"

Click here to make a bid.


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