This Friday, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are going to be on one cover of Entertaiment Weekly, and Kristen Stewart will be on another! The new issue will include an interview with the trio! Here's another preview of the interview:

New York – The last two Twilight movies have earned more than $1 billion worldwide and supercharged their careers. Kristen Stewart is about to shoot an adaptation of Jack Karouac’s On the Road, Taylor Lautner’s embarking on John Singleton’s action thriller Abduction, and Robert Pattinson’s starring alongside Reese Witherspoon as a veterinarian in a traveling circus in Water for Elephants. The actors make an extremely tight trio: honest, protective of each other, and warmly familial. In person, as on screen, Pattinson and Lautner’s mutual affection for Stewart is the tie that binds.

Taylor, you and Rob have some pretty serious confrontations in this movie.
Lautner: Some of those scenes were pretty hard for me. I think we ruined a couple of takes in front of the house and in the tent. It’s just, I don’t know, I have a hard time looking at him…
Stewart: Ha! “I have such a hard time looking at him”!
Lautner: {Laughs} I wasn’t finished. He and I were thisclose to each other – we are literally, like, an inch away – and we’re screaming at each other.
Stewart: About to kiss…
Lautner: A couple of moments it felt like that.
Pattinson: Every single time we had to do a threatening thing to each other – for one thing, you always have your shirt off, and so in the tent scene I literally grabbed your breast. And it’s very difficult to remain in the moment. Also, in that tent scene, I can’t really get over the fact that the word thought sounds like fart.
Stewart: The word thought does not sound like fart.
Pattinson: It does.
Stewart: Maybe because you are an English person.
Pattinson: The opening line of that scene is “Can you at least keep your farts to yourself?” I couldn’t quite get over that.

Sincerely, Alice

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