Eclipse Cast & Crew Interviews
They never stop coming, do they? Just wait, the closer the Eclipse movie release comes, the more interviews we'll get to see. :)

So first, the Soundtracks Examiner interviewed Howard Shore!

With NEW MOON, Alexandre Desplat admitted that he ignored Carter Burwell’s score for TWILIGHT and did not even see the first film. Did you follow that same mentality with ECLIPSE?
No, I actually did some pretty thorough research. I like to read a lot, and I knew the story. I was really interested in it from a dramatic point of view. And I felt that the story expands with the third film. I did the research and fell into a very interesting creative process. It was a pleasure to work on.
And I found both guys’ scores to be very good. Carter’s was such a good score, and Alexandre’s was just beautiful.

How was the experience tracking for songs through ECLIPSE?
I worked with Emily Haines and James Shaw of the group Metric, and Metric was a group that I had researched and felt that they would be good collaborators for this project. I asked them if they would be interested in writing with me,
and the three of us created the song “Eclipse (All Yours).” I actually like the collaboration of working with different artists.

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USA Today interviewed Peter Facinelli:

On the big screen, he returns as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the preppy patriarch of an affluent clan of vampires in Eclipse, the third film in the tween-fave Twilight saga that opens June 30. "Eclipse is my favorite book in the series," says Facinelli, whose benevolent version of Count Dracula finally gets his bite on while warding off a rival gang of newborn hemoglobin addicts.

"I like that the two opposing forces, vampires and werewolves, band together for the common good," he says of the plot, which finds the Cullens striking an uneasy truce with Native American shape-shifters to protect son Edward's mortal love, Bella.

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And the Sun Times interviewed Jodelle Ferland, Boo Boo Stewart, and Tyson Houseman:
Q. And what's on your iPods right now?

JODELLE: My favorite singer is Jason Mraz. ... I went into a poster store, and they asked me what band he was in. So yeah, I wasn't very happy about that. ... Plain White T's ... Carrie Underwood. Sometimes I'm in the mood for country; sometimes more upbeat kind of music. It really depends what kind of mood I'm in. I also love Lights. I really like her music. It's calming, just like Jason Mraz.

TYSON: Right now I guess my favorite bands would be bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I've been listening to them a lot lately. Grizzly Bear, Broken Social Scene, Metric, bands like that.

BOOBOO: The last thing I downloaded on my iPod was some Motley Crue. I listen to Rush, August Burns Red and ELO.

Q. The wolfpack is all about the abs. How did you prepare for the film?

TYSON: I think I gained about 20 or 25 pounds of muscle. ... I've definitely filled into my wolf physique. ... We had to go through the workouts together. It was a really great way for all of us to, you know, bond together. ... If we were doing push-ups, then it was always a race to see who could do the most push-ups against each other.

BOOBOO: My mom actually trained me. She trained me at the gym. She's really tough. She's a personal trainer and she's a Pro Fitness competitor, so she kicked my butt. ... I put on about 10, 15 pounds.

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