The Eclipse Soundtrack is Out!
The Eclipse soundtrack (both the regular version and the deluxe edition) came out yesterday! So you can grab it at your local music store or purchase it on Amazon.

And USA Today has posted their review for the Eclispe soundtrack:

The indie pop collected for the soundtrack to 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' should appeal to a broad range of music fans.

With sales of the first two Twilight soundtracks at 3.6 million copies, it's no surprise some 400 songs were submitted for the third set by artists eager to hop on a hot

First single Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) finds Muse, in its third Twilight appearance, waxing melodramatic on Queenesque prog-rock. Florence + The Machine's Heavy in Your Arms follows the tale's pounding heartbeat with similar theatrics. The Dead Weather goes spare on the bluesy, menacing Rolling in on a Burning Tire. Eastern Conference Champions' A Million Miles an Hour also revels in creepiness, as does the beat-driven Let's Get Lost, a spacey duet by Beck and Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan.

A hypnotic vibe cloaks UNKLE's With You in My Head, Sia's frail My Love and Howard Shore's lovely Jacob's Theme. Jolts from Fanfarlo's jaunty Atlas to The Bravery's propulsive Ours prevent Eclipse from lapsing into a dark lullaby. And while the folky Life on Earth sounds like a New Age celebration of dawn, Band of Horses seems at home in this stable of night crawlers. Edna Gundersen

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Sincerely, Alice


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