Twilighters Anonymous has posted loads of new, high quality pictures from the LA Eclipse premiere! Click here to check them out!

And Twilight Treasury has pictures of the London Eclipse premiere! Click here to see them.

Speaking of pictures, GQ has made a gallery with photos of several cast members. Some you may have already seen, others you probably have not. Click here check them out!

Now how would you like to meet the cast and take some of your own pictures? Well it looks like some lucky fans will get that chance! According to AMC Theaters:

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is racing up the box office! If you haven't seen it yet, or even if you have, you just might to stop by your local AMC theatre this weekend. Why? Because there will be surprise appearances by members of the Twilight cast at various theaters across the country!

We can't tell you who and we can't tell you where, but the stars will be out this weekend, making appearances and enjoying the latest film with fans! This is pretty awesome and we can't wait to hear reports from fans about their Twilight encounters!

Even if they don't show up at your theater, you can still see them on Jimmy Kimmel Live! His "Total Eclipse of the Heart" special will be re-airing on July 4th in case you missed it the first time. They'll also be re-airing Jimmy's interviews with some of the cast members:

-Thursday, July 8th with Ashley Green
-Tuesday, July 13th with Elizabeth Reaser
-Wednesday, July 14th with Dakota Fanning
-Thursday, July 15th with Nikki Reed
-Friday, July 16th with Peter Facinelli

Sincerely, Alice

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