Back before the first Twilight movie was officially cast, Stephenie Meyer had made up her own cast list for fun. Her Edward? Henry Cavill! Of course he didn't get the part, but now he is co-starring with Kellan Lutz in the upcoming movie The Immortals! Kellan plays the Greek God of the sea while Henry plays Titan Theseus. So MTV asked Kellan Lutz which god would win in a battle:

On the Red Carpet interviewed Kellan Lutz, too:

Also, Jackson Rathbone was on E!'s Daily 10!

We'll be posting our interview with Ben Graupner, one of the band members of 100 Monkeys, this weekend! So stay tuned for that!

And last but not least, Collider interviewed Eric Leven, the Visual Effects Supervisor for the Eclipse movie!

Love always, Bella

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