TwiFans, Letters to Twilight, and Twilight Series Theories have come out with more from their press junket interview with Stephenie Meyer! This time they talk about Edward, virginity talks, Bree Tanner, and loads more...

TwiFans talked to her about Edward's thoughts of Bella becoming a vampire:
Stephenie Meyer discusses why Edward Cullen wants to make Bella wait until marriage

Click here to hear more and read the transcript.

From Letters to Twilight, Stephenie talks about picking her battles and how much power she has as far as the movies are concerned:

Click here to read and listen to more.

And Twilight Series Theories talked to her about The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner! Click here to listen to it.

Speaking of interviews, Movie Fone has posted the best of their unscripted interviews with some of the Twilight saga cast, crew, and Stephenie Meyer!

Sincerely, Alice

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