We posted last week that the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is going to be opening a new exhibit featuring the Quileute nation. Now the Seattle Times has an article about it:

Wolves that once roamed the wild Olympics, the stories say, were the first Quileute ancestors, transfigured by Kwati, a shape shifter and transformer as old and familiar here as the mist that rolls in from the Pacific.

That creation story, and much more of the Quileute culture, will be shared in a new exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum beginning Saturday.

The goal of the exhibit is simple: It's a chance for the tribe to set the record straight after its international exposure in the vampire-themed "Twilight" books and films, in which Quileute tribal members are depicted as teen werewolves provoked into snarling fits of temper.

Click here to read the rest.

Love always, Bella

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