Kristen Stewart was interviewed by The Daily Mail!

ďItís impossible to always get across what Iím trying to say, but, if I just stay honest, then Iím not going to look back on any of these interviews and wonder what I was trying to do or be,Ē she says.

ďIím asked all the time in interviews about who I am, and I know a few people my age who have a strong sense of self, but I couldnít say I know myself and sum it up and give it to you in a little package. I donít know myself at all yet.Ē

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Jackson Rathbone was in One Magazine, a French magazine. Here's some of the translation from Twilight Ladies:

One Magazine: Are you tired of the role of Jasper?
Jackson Rathbone: No, but I try to play very different characters from film to film. I donít do the same thing twice. I gravitate naturally towads to projects in which the public donít expect to see me.

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And Anna Kendrick talks Twilight fame in this new interview alongside Jason Schwartzman:

Sincerely, Alice

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