Twilight Series Theories has posted a new, huge chunk of their interview with Stephenie Meyer!

Fansite: What made you decide to put the producerís hat on for Breaking Dawn, and what do you think you bring to that last movie?

SM: I donít think itís gonna change that much. I do feel likeóI mean Breaking Dawn is tricky. Itís real tricky. Now I feel more like we have handle on it, because the scripts and with Bill Condon, I
am more calm; but originally, I was very much on the fence as to: ďMaybe we shouldnít make this into a movieĒ, you know? Some things really canít be made into movies and come across exactly the right way, so it was a big struggle for me to go forward. I knew that it would disappoint a lot of people and that was really one of the main impetuses was that people would be like: ďWhat?!Ē I didnít want to disappoint people. So I was concerned, so my plan was and still is to be there everyday, and so as a producer I can do that. And so itís really a lot about being in the room and you know itís gonna be a lot of upheaval in my life but I felt like it was important. And then itísÖyou know itís the last one so I kind of feel like: ďOkay Iím gonna commit to it this year, Iíll get it done and then I wonít do that againĒ.

Click here to read more of the transcript and listen to the whole interview.

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