It looks like auditions for Renesmee are going on right now! Actor Ryan Robbins posted this on his twitter:

Of course she isn't the first person to audition. According to the Twilight Lexicon...

"This is the latest in several verified reports of children auditioning for the role. Others have included children with a modeling background and a cousin of Bronson Pelletier’s.

In each of the cases, when photos have been available, the children appear to be between 4-6 years old based on photos. Ryan Robbins’ daughter, according to the IMDB, was born in 2004 making her 6-years-old (give or take based on her exact birthdate). Given child labor laws and the practicality of getting two-year-olds to act on cue with any degree predictability, it would seem that the 4-6 year old range might be what’s needed to capture emotion in certain scenes, even if it is beyond the two-year-old appearance in the books.

Of course, there is also speculation that they could use a 4-6 year-old child, and then via Benjamin Button type technology, alter her appearance to be younger."

Speaking of the Breaking Dawn cast, remember James Franco? Recently we posted about the possibility of him being in Breaking Dawn. Now in a new interview with MTV, all he talks about is Twilight!

Sincerely, Bella

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