According to CBC News, Kellan Lutz had a close call in Montreal during filming for Immortals:

"According to court documents obtained by CBC News, actor Kellan Lutz claimed he was struck by a car driven by paparazzo Richard Fedyck while on a film set in Montreal this summer.

The driver allegedly backed up into Lutz and then
left the scene after the incident without stopping.

The documents said Lutz feared for his safety after the alleged incident on the set of a movie Immortals, which was not connected with the Twilight films.

Richmond RCMP filed the documents in B.C. provincial court in July at the request of Montreal police, who said Fedyck may be a suspect in the hit and run and in the alleged criminal harassment of Lutz.

RCMP said the driver's licence photo of Fedyck was needed to identify or eliminate him as a suspect."

Sincerely, Jasper

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