Twilight Series Theories has more from their fan junket interview with Stephenie Meyer! Some of it you've probably already heard on TwiFans, but some of it you haven't...

Elysa: Did you always know the Volturi went to visit Victoria before?

SM: Yes, because in the story, when Alice has the vision, they give her four days and I always knew that there was an impetus that they had met up that she
had to make a decision because Victoria’s would’ve been to be like: “Now. Let’s go.” You know? No thought. That’s how she was planning to roll. Get them ready kind of get there and they’re like now we run and so that they have maybe, at most, an hour to get to her. Four days was really an exorbitant amount of time and that was the Volturi’s fault because Jane was tired of waiting and so she went and said, “You have to do something already.” Victoria was making a huge mess.

Elysa: I think you might’ve touched on this before a little bit earlier, but you said that sometimes Jane does act on her own a little bit.

SM: This is really kind of a…I mean, Aro is very controlling. He is the pinnacle and he has all the power and so he calls the shots but in this specific case knowing with Alice he has to deviate from the pattern and so he let Jane make her…You know he said, “Go out.” And not even specifically about them because Alice could see that, you know just “Jane, I think that you are very much fantastic and I want you to go out and take care of things in the world that need to be taken care of on your own. I think you can make your own decisions.” And Jane is like: “Ah, I know what this is about.” And so she goes out there and she knows it’s her mission. She knows it’s about the Cullens. She knows that she has to effect some kind of progress there, but how to do it. So yeah that’s Jane. You could write a story about Jane through [that] month of frustration and all the stuff she was trying to do and not screwing up so that when she came home Aro didn’t decide “maybe I don’t need someone who can burn people.”

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Sincerely, Alice

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